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Local businessman Kevin Owen running Shore-to-Shore Ultramarathon for a cause


OCT.. 7 2021


A Chatham-Kent man is running for a cause, trekking 100km across the municipality in one day.

Kevin Owen started running at 3 a.m. Thursday, to raise money for the Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation of Chatham-Kent.

The goal is to raise $100,000.

Owen began his run in Mitchell’s Bay, taking a specific route through Wallaceburg, Dresden, Kent Bridge, Chatham, and Blenheim with plans to conclude sometime Thursday afternoon in Erieau.

“I thought, well what can I do differently?” he said.

Owen says he’s never ran a full marathon before, let alone an ultramarathon.

“I’ve never actually ran 100 kilometres, so it’s all new to me,” he said.

Owen admits raising donations during the pandemic has been challenging, telling CTV News that running for a cause made things easy for everyone involved.

“I feel like a lot of the kids that go to the Children’s Treatment Centre, can’t move their legs,” explained Owen. “So, as I’m moving my legs and I’m thinking I can’t lift my legs up to take another step? I think about them and how they physically can’t take another step, so, it kinda keeps my legs moving.”

Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation of Chatham-Kent president, Mike Genge is excited about the outcome, “It’s absolutely fantastic!” Officials say with school back in, roughly 3,700 youth take part in a variety of life changing activities at the centre. "It’ll go towards our social work program as well as our recreational program as well as our pool. So that’s where our money goes,” Genge added. “Oh and our music program as well.” Owen’s personal goal for the Shore-to-Shore Ultramarathon is to finish in 15 hours.


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