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 Mirage Floors is recognized as the World's Finest Floor because of the brands' incredible quality standards. 29 times recognized for outstanding quality in the last 10 years, Mirage is indisputably the #1 hardwood flooring brand in North America. Designed and manufactured in Canada, Mirage Floors are synonymous with superior quality, beauty and durability.


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Superior Flooring

Located in Rockton Ontario, Superior Flooring puts quality above all else. Superior Flooring is a leader in the hardwood flooring industry, and has the certifications to prove it. Superior Hardwood Flooring is the only manufacturer to consistently obtain a NWFA/NOFMA rating over 99%.


 Kentwood floors have been installed in thousands of homes from cottages to condos to castles, in cities from Seattle to Salzburg to Shanghai.  Now, we invite you to peruse our collections and find the Kentwood floor that’s a perfect fit for you. 



 Over the past 20 years, Vintage has established itself as a premium Canadian manufacturer of hardwood flooring throughout Canada, the United States and the rest of world. Using cutting edge technology, Vintage continuously strives to manufacture and market a superior quality product surpassed by none in the industry. 

Grandeur Flooring is an all-encompassing Canadian flooring company that specializes in the design, distribution, and servicing of elegantly-designed, quality, solid, vinyl, engineered, and hardwood flooring.



Opus Floors

Opus’ products are created and designed by Opus in Canada. Our goal is to produce world class products using world class production facilities. Opus is proud to manufacture Eco friendly floors that exceed Canadian specifications and standards.

For 30-Years Wickham Hardwood Flooring has been offering

noble and accessible hardwood flooring. Wicham is as passionate about wood as we are at Owen Flooring. In addition,  Wickham's Vertima-certified hardwood floors are made of 100% wood, and Wickham Hardwood Flooring is a certified environmentally conscious company.

Wickham Hardwood Flooring

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