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Masland Carpet

Masland has insisted that its carpets and rugs maintain the highest quality, and that quality combined with a rich history gives Owen Flooring customers peace of mind knowing that they're buying quality that will last.

Stanton Carpet Corporation was built with style and value in mind for the decorative market. Based in Long Island, New York, the company delivers exceptional decorative carpeting with an unrivalled dedication to quality and service.

Stanton Carpet

Stanton Logo.jpg

 Fabrica is one of the most popular high-end carpet brands.  Fabrica has been creating high-quality carpet since 1974.  It uses state of the art technology, superior quality materials, and highly skilled craftsmen to create highly sought after residential carpet. 


 Bring beauty, style, and warmth into your home

with Dixie Home Carpets. Dixie Home offers an array of high fashion, residential broadloom carpets, which includes traditional velvents, contemporary patterns, and a wide range of interesting textures, all in exciting fashion forward colours.

Dixie Home

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