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Owen Flooring is proud to offer Farrow & Ball hand crafted wallpaper. Rooted in tradition this is a no compromises wallpaper that is infused with paint, not ink. The result is a product of immeasurable beauty, offering true value through quality.  

Owen Flooring shares the Farrow & Ball dedication to excellence, making this line of wallpaper a perfect fit for us, and our clients.

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper

farrow and ball.jpeg

The Farrow & Ball Process



Using paint instead of ink to create tantilizing texture, Farrow & Ball wallpaper stands out as soon as it's laid on the wall. There are three types of process used, but each is age old, and steeped in tradition.

Flat bed block, roller block, or trough printing methods are employed. Regardless of the process the result is wallpaper of the highest possible quality adorned with intricate designs. What starts out as a plain strip of paper, becomes a work of art reflecting your personal taste. Every roll turns a house into a home.

Every roll of Farrow & Ball wallpaper is splashed with style,

that draws inspiration from fabrics, wall papers, and

patterns from around the world. Most of the ground colourings come from the Farrow & Ball palette of 132 paints. Those colours provide the starting point for patterns capable of standing the test of time through a foundation in classic design.

Unroll a Legacy

Like our premium paints, Farrow & Ball wallpapers are produced with the environment in mind. The production processes may flow from the past, but steps are taken to ensure the smallest possible eco-foot print is left.  Farrow & Ball wall papers are responsibly sourced, the paint used for the patterns is water based low VOC, 50% of the packaging materials come from recycled products, and 95% of the waste produced during production is recyclable. That dedication to the planet reflects the Owen Flooring philosophy of sustainability.

Every Roll is "Green"

When you're ready to get started, stop in and see us at Owen Flooring. Our experts can help you select the perfect wallpaper to express your individuality and transform your house into the living space you've always dreamed of. You'll find elegance in the styles, and durability in the custom glues and exclusive glazes. In short you will find the kind of exclusive artistry and quality that only Farrow & Ball can provide.

Ready to Unroll?

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