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Owen Flooring is proud to offer Farrow & Ball paints. This premium paint line was Born and bred in Dorset, England and has heritage dating back to 1946. Founders John Farrow and Richard Ball were passionate about creating richly pigmented paint to original formulations using age-old methods which are still employed by the company's craftsmen today. At Owen Flooring we share the Farrow & Ball passion for timeless style, tradition, and above all quality.

Farrow & Ball Paint

Farrow & Ball Logo

What goes into a tin




The process begins by mixing chalk, china clay and titanium dioxide with water to create the base paint. Then rich pigments and gently poured to achieve that Farrow and Ball signature depth of colour. The mix is measured carefully adding exactly the right amount for a colour that is unparalleled.  Every batch of water based paint is then rigorously tested for colour consistency, and durability. Made to last and to reflect your personal taste, each Farrow and Ball paint is a masterful combination of chemical engineering and artistic expression.




The Process


Colour Shift Your Life

Farrow & Ball's distinctive palette of colours is renowned for its depth and complexity. Brimming with only the finest ingredients and rich pigments, F&B paint responds extraordinarily to all types of light to bring your walls to life. This unique look transforms modern and traditional homes, large and small, inside and out, across the world.


Eco Responsible

Farrow and Ball water-based formulas, create a zero or minimal VOC based paint line. The result is a low-odour product that is easy to work with.  You can feel good knowing you are using a paint that is produced using eco-friendly practises at every stage of production, packaging and distribution.

The Farrow and Ball dedication to conservation and environmental protection reflects our values at Owen Flooring. It's one more reason we are proud to be an authorized Farrow and Ball dealer.

When you're ready to get started stop by and let the Owen Flooring Team help stir up a can of inspiration for you. We can help you pick the colours that will transform your home into a personal statement.

Farrow and Ball provides the alchemy and 132 timeless colours...Owen Flooring provides the service. Together we can help you paint your world with self expression.

Get Inspired

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