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Ewald Homes:
Case Study

Location: Braemar Blvd., Chatham

Project Manager: Kevin Owen of Owen Flooring

Date of Completion: 2017

Owen Flooring - Braemar Boulevard home by Ewald Construction

This 2500 sf ranch style home was custom built with zero barrier entrances, exits and transitions by Dave Ewald of Ewald Homes. Owen Flooring was very proud to be a part of this project! With a family member in a wheelchair, zero barriers was the most important part of the flooring project and that included the en-suite shower entrance as well as the elevator entrance. However just because functionality was the most important part for our clients, does not mean we couldn't really flair up the design aspect of the flooring selections. 

Owen Flooring - Model Home / Ewald Construction

We started with our clients daughter's bathroom and custom shower, again keeping the 0 barrier shower in mind (Ewald Homes made this easy for us with proper engineering and framing procedures). Our client wanted something that was really light and bright for her shower walls that would make her daughter really feel like it was her very own custom shower. We started with the Olympia Tile Maple Leaf Series 4"x16" Turquoise Bright wall tile and incorporated the Olympia Tile CDC Chevron Arctic White tile on the feature wall after. We thought the combination of the two went so well together with the white grout that we mirrored the image around the soaker tub on the opposite side of the bathroom. On the bathroom floor in between the tub and shower we have the Olympia Tile Niagara Falls 12"x24" White tile, keeping the light and bright spa like feel.

Owen Flooring - Ceramic tile in bathroom.
Owen Flooring - Ceramic Tile intallation.

In other wet areas such as the Kitchen, Mudroom, Side Entrance, Laundry, Washroom, Washroom Tub Surround and Foyer our client wanted something to look like a stone or a slate without the general maintenance and height variations that come with it. Olympia Tile Essex Taupe 12"x24" Glazed Porcelain was the perfect colour and style. Essex Taupe looks just like a slate product, however because it is a glazed porcelain the product requires little to no maintenance. Height consistency was also perfect with the Olympia product and the use of the Schluter DitraXL Subfloor System (Ewald Homes specs the Schluter System in all new home projects) and took the zero barrier entrance issue right out of the equation. 

Pairing with the tile choices beautifully it was easy to select Mirage Admiration Collection Yellow Birch Hudson 4.25" solid wood. Again it was important to select a hardwood floor that could withstand wheelchair wheels, so choosing a Mirage floor with the absolute best finish in the flooring industry was a simple decision for our client. Yellow birch has a little more variation in its appearance than a maple does and the Hudson stain on a yellow birch gives off the appearance of subtle grey and soft brown tones. Therefore the Mirage Hardwood Flooring was the perfect choice from a functional standpoint as well as the design aspect.

Owen Flooring  - Hardwood Flooring installaton
The Dutch Market

The entire basement was completed using the DriCore system to keep the laminate up off the cement floor and in turn make the floor a much warmer area to walk and play on. Light grey was the colour of the walls in the basement and continuing that look and feel our clients chose the Evoke Heritage Collection Colour Danielle. Evoke Heritage also has a 3 year light commercial warranty and an AC rating of 4 and like all Evoke products are CARB Complient, making this product the perfect choice for this home's basement flooring. 

Cermic tile application for bathroom by Owen Flooring.

After the flooring was chosen we decided to look at backsplash. Again it obviously needed to be functional, however by this point the home was looking so good that style was beginning to become very important. We thought we would pull the Olympia Tile CDC Chevron Arctic White tile out one more time to really make a statement over the beautiful cabinets and looking at the pictures of the completed kitchen it is clear we made the correct choice.    

Dave Ewald of Ewald Homes always builds a quality custom home that is built to last and he did amazing work on this specialty project. Dave was very engaged in this particular project and was actually in our Design Center helping our client with the tough decision making process. Working for Dave at a young age, he trained me to do the best I can everyday and nothing less. At Owen Flooring we respect Dave, Ewald Homes and what Ewald Homes stands for. We are very proud to have worked with Ewald Homes on this particular project and all the others we have worked on together over the years. 

Owen Flooring - Ewald Homes Braemar Boulevard Chatham-Kent Ontario
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