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Ewald Homes:

Case Study 

Location: Legacy Ln., Chatham

Designer: Kevin Owen / Emily Jonker

Project Manager: Kevin Owen from Owen Flooring

Date of Completion: 2016

This 2200 sf home is what we call the perfect family home. Custom built by Dave Ewald and Ewald Homes, this home has it all with four bedrooms, an en suite bath with both walk in shower and soaker tub, an enormous kitchen with a walk in hidden pantry, custom stairs and much more. The kids even have their own pirate and mermaid themed bathroom!

Like so many clients who build a custom home the hardwood is the largest part of the project and this client has three beautiful young children to take into consideration. Natural hardwood is something she wanted to help camouflage any dings and dents that her little ones might put in the floor and it just happens to be absolutely stunning! We looked at a few options and she liked the solid 5" Natural Ash from Wickham Flooring. Ash happens to be a very hard wood with the natural large grain variation and characteristics that makes it the perfect floor for an active, growing family.

Our client explained that she loved both the herringbone pattern as well as hexagon tiles. She also explained that she wanted a pirate/mermaid themed kids bath and needed a floor to coincide with that theme (at this point we knew we were going to have a lot of fun and plenty to show off with this project). The next thing we showed her was the Olympia Polished Volkas 12"x24" tile installed in a herringbone pattern in our showroom and that was that, it was going to be one of the most beautiful en suite baths our company has done yet. The carrara marble replica really gives the home the classical look our client was going for.

Because the tile installed in the herringbone pattern looked so well in the en suite, we kept the marble and the herringbone pattern for the backsplash in the kitchen that was beautifully designed by Kathryn Bultje of Windmill Cabinets. We also installed DalTile Emblem Grey in a herringbone pattern on both the laundry room floor as well as the

Mud room floor.

The Powder room in this home is a smaller bathroom most clients wouldn’t draw too much attention to, probably just putting in the simple tile that was laid in the mud room or the other bathrooms. Not this client! She wanted a small grey hexagon tile grouted white to really show off this awesome room, but also stick with the traditional look that she maintained throughout. We came up with the hex/square combo with a border using Olympia tile Quebec 2"x2" grey and the final result was a Powder room that is to die for.

Being a father of young children myself, one of my favourite parts of this incredibly awesome project was the kids bath, a Pirate and Mermaid theme, just perfect to get the kiddies in the tub after a long day. Our client wanted an old barnboard looking tile floor to stay waterproof, but also to look like they were "walking the plank" like in a pirate movie. The Olympia Yaki series was absolutely perfect - each tile literally looks like it could be a plank in a pirate movie and it fit nicely in this incredible custom home.

Dave Ewald of Ewald Homes always builds a quality custom home that is built to last and he did amazing work on this custom home. Dave trained me to do the best I can everyday and nothing less. At Owen Flooring we respect Dave, Ewald Homes and what Ewald Homes stands for. We are very proud to have worked with Ewald Homes on this particular project and all the others we have worked on together over the years.

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