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Rumble Homes:

Case Study 

Location: Pioneer Line, Chatham-Kent

Designer: Kevin Owen of Owen Flooring

Project Manager: Kevin Owen of Owen Flooring

Date of Completion: 2017

Owen Flooring - The Dutch Market
Owen Flooring - The Dutch Market

This 2600 sf craftsman style ranch home by Rumble Homes was built with quality and passion. It was a real pleasure working with Rumble Homes and our clients on this project. 

Our Clients are a younger couple that have a family, so choosing practical was as important as choosing beautiful. We started with hardwood since the hardwood had the largest footprint in the home and our client wanted something very special. Vintage Floors makes a custom hand-scraped product that we agreed would be the best choice for their active lifestyle and provide the look they wanted. Our client selected a very unique Vintage Floors White Oak Buckingham Pearl with random widths of 10", 7" & 5" plank, that really sets the tone for the entire home. 

Owen Flooring - The Dutch Market
Owen Flooring - The Dutch Market

Next we began looking for a tile for all the wet areas, for example in the laundry, mudroom, ensuite, bathroom, etc. Our clients wanted continuity throughout the home, with the rustic look and feel to correspond with their incredible hand-scraped hardwood flooring and craftsman style home. Once they set their eyes on the Olympia Castle Grey 12"x24" they knew they had the tile of their dreams! Not only does the Olympia Castle Grey tile have the look and feel our clients wanted, it happened to be very affordable which was a delightful bonus. Because the tile seemed to fit in flawlessly and continuity was important, it was selected for the flooring in all of the wet areas. We chose to install the floor tile on a 1/3rd stagger pattern to continue the rustic, craftsman look into the wet areas to keep the home consistent. 

Our clients even continued the Olympia Castle into the kids tub surround, only this time adding a glass feature eye level mosaic to break this up a bit.

The massive ensuite walk in shower corresponds nicely with the floor tile, featuring Olympia Castle Grey 2"x2" installed on the shower pan, including the tile-able drain; Olympia's Split-face linear stone on the feature wall and Olympia's Geology Anthracite 12"x24" tile installed on the walls in a 1/3rd stagger pattern. An Owen Flooring custom shower and bathroom is always done using the Schluter system, ensuring everlasting waterproofing and quality. 

Owen Flooring - The Dutch Market
The Dutch Market

After selecting hardwood and tile, we still had to question the kids bedrooms. Our client was looking for an ultra thick and soft feel on their feet, again pulling the same colour tones off the hardwood. Our clients chose Dream Weaver Carpet, style Only the Best, to capture that thick soft feel and they certainly found what they were looking for!

Owen Flooring has been a Rumble Homes partner for approximately 4 years and we have seen first hand the quality workmanship, pride and dignity that they put into all their homes and renovations. It's truly an honour to work along side these custom craftsman.

Owen Flooring - The Dutch Market
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