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The Dutch Market: Case Study 

Location: William St., Chatham

Designer: Jeanot Vileranda Design

Project Manager: Kevin Owen from Owen Flooring

Date of Completion: 2016

Owen Flooring - The Dutch Market

The Chatham Dutch Market has the ability to see hundreds of consumers in a single day, offering over 3000 grocery options, a bakery, a soup counter with luxury meats and cheeses, along with a daily lunch buffet and dining lounge or cafeteria. With all of this, the Chatham Dutch Market also features a beautiful second level designated for office space.

Owen Flooring - The Dutch Market

Charlie of the Dutch Market, as well as designer Jeannot Vileranda, were both looking for something with an upscale and chic appearance to correspond with the design of everything else in the building. Jeannot wanted large concrete-looking tiles for the main areas of the building and to perhaps mix it up a bit in the front entrance and dining lounge. Charlie had concerns with using a large format tile thinking that it would not be durable enough and would be at high risk for damage.

Owen Flooring - The Dutch Market
Owen Flooring - The Dutch Market

In the end after working with Charlie and Jeannot, together we found the perfect tile for the main area with a corresponding herringbone tile to install in the front entrance and dining lounge. Olympia Regal Charcoal 24”x24” and 6”x24” were the perfect sizes, colours, and most important to Charlie, ultra durable with it being a full body porcelain. Jeannot was also able to select Olympia Colour Dimensions White 4”x16” Subway tile for behind the soup and sandwich station using FlexTile charcoal grout to correspond with the floor selection. To follow up the beautiful main area Jeannot selected Olympia Colour dimensions White 3”x6” to completely cover the walls in both the men and women's bathrooms and again used FlexTile charcoal grout to correspond with the flooring. 

The second level was once again designed to be upscale and classy, and again, the offices would require a durable floor. Tile flooring was out of the question based on Code, commercial carpet was not a wise choice in a bakery atmosphere and laminate is never a great idea to put in an area that might see a lot of wet shoes etc. Once again Jeannot found the look she needed with the quality that Charlie needed in the Opus Luxury Vinyl Plank Line up. This floor product is waterproof and is very durable to scuff marks etc.

Owen Flooring - The Dutch Market

Jeanot Vileranda put a ton of work into finding the appropriate floor products to be installed in the Chatham Dutch Market and we are very proud to have been given the opportunity to work with her on this amazing project.

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