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Owen Flooring at Windsor-Essex Home Builders' Association "Golden Hammer" Awards

Another achievement for Chatham based Owen Flooring is propelling the business forward as a local leader in its field. This week the Windsor Essex Home Builders Association recognized Owen Flooring's "Legs" advertising campaign as the best in the region with its "Golden Hammer Award" for marketing.

The ad campaign makes use of high end photography featuring gorgeous hardwood flooring installations in the foreground, with a lady's legs adding a human element to the imagery. In fact the "Legs" in the campaign belong to Stephanie Owen, the wife of "Owen Flooring" founder Kevin Owen. You never see a face in the ads, because the focus is really on the flooring. The legs are an appropriate addition to the composition because they allow a person viewing it to see the flooring in a "real world" scenario, where great flooring helps create welcoming living spaces, turning houses into homes. It's clear a great deal of thought and creativity went into the campaign, as well as the creation of the images.

Owen Flooring "Legs" Campaign Image

"It's an incredible honor to receive the award," said Kevin Owen. "The ad campaign has been a real success for us, and this recognition from the Windsor-Essex Home Builders' Association means a lot to us because even though we are based in Chatham, we have grown to become a regional company serving clients not only in Chatham-Kent but across Windsor-Essex as well".

Owen Flooring recently expanded its showroom on St. Clair Street in Chatham. The renovated store is more than double the size of the original location, with more parking, better signage and bright expansive showcase windows across the front that focus attention on the huge flooring displays inside. The upscale store has become a landmark on the street, and is a reflection of Kevin Owen's business philosophy, which is to provide high quality flooring products and exceptional service.

"We don't want to be the cheapest," said Owen. "That doesn't mean we don't offer competitive pricing. It means we are focused on quality and providing true value with quality products, and expert installations."

Owen flooring specializes in hardwood flooring, and also offers a wide range of luxury vinyl, tile, and carpet. With the business expansion new product lines have been added including wallpaper and designer paint from Farrow & Ball.

"Golden Hammer Awards" are an industry wide celebration of quality and integrity. It's builders recognizing the best-of-the-best within their own industry.

Owen Flooring has been recognized for its creative marketing before, especially its online marketing efforts. The company has always been innovative with its approach to advertising, and its advertising budget. Instead of blasting the market with big dollar commercials using conventional media, Owen Flooring embraced social media marketing when the company and the concept of online marketing were both relatively new. While The new "Legs" campaign makes use of a variety of advertising mediums, it remains innovative and has benefited from vinyl wrapped vehicles which display the photographs as mobile billboards. The tasteful eye catching ads have resonated with the public creating a lasting impression throughout the community. The result has been amplified brand recognition.

Established in 2005 Owen Flooring continues to grow, but the company's mission remains laser focused.

Owen Flooring "Legs Campaign ad image.

"When we talk about quality that includes every facet of the term," said Kevin Owen. " From the design and layout process to installation we only offer and use the best products on the market. We are extremely fortunate, because we are able to back up that quality product line up, with an team of skilled installers who bring the highest level of professionalism to every project. It doesn't matter if it's a commercial or a residential installation we are focused on quality and service. The competition is fierce in our field, and there were other great ad campaigns this year from other companies, which is why I have to say that having our ad campaign recognized this year is actually quite humbling. We truly appreciate the recognition."

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