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Prosperity Roundtable recognizes businesses for living wage support

After factoring in expenses and other community data, poverty activists say the living wage in Chatham-Kent is $15.86 per hour.

The figure — which is based on a family of four with two parents working full-time — was released during an information event hosted by the Prosperity Roundtable of Chatham-Kent on Tuesday night at Aristo's Banquet Hall.

According to the group, a living wage covers costs such as food, clothing, shelter and transportation, and also allows a family to participate in their local community with a decent quality of life.

The minimum wage in Ontario is currently $11.40 per hour.

Tom Cooper, Ontario Living Wage Network co-ordinator, said many families are trying to survive but simply not earning enough.

He called the living wage a modest, evidence-based calculation that is geared to a specific community.

“It doesn't just benefit employees,” he said. “It benefits employers and the community as well. … It's helping to drive economic growth and create more jobs.”

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