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Masland Carpet

Masland has insisted that its carpets and rugs maintain the highest quality, and that quality combined with a rich history gives Owen Flooring customers peace of mind knowing that they're buying quality that will last.

Dixie Home

Dixie has roots in the textile industry dating back nearly a century, and that history combined with Owen Flooring's dedication to local customer service create unbeatable value for customers.

Dream Weaver

 Dream Weaver is the fastest growing carpet company in the world. All carpets by Dream Weaver feature PureColor® solution-dyed nylon or polyester fiber. PureColor® polyester is one of the most innovative and sought after fiber systems on the market today. It features superior stain and fade resistance and has a soft, luxurious feel that you and your family will love. PureColor® nylon fiber offers extraordinary durability and soil protection that can withstand the mishaps of an active family, and your pets.  

Stain Master

Innovative when introduced, Stainmaster remains the

durable standard for anyone looking for durable resilient flooring solutions that stand up to spills, pets, kids, grime, and more.

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